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5 inspiring illustrators to discover

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

It's been a joy to follow these artists, as they demonstrate unique styles and sensibilities for their craft. My favorite part is they all work by hand.

Holly Exley Illustration

Holly Exley is an illustrator based out of the UK and she has a gorgeous, wide ranging portfolio of subject matter such as food, nature, sports, architecture, animals, and she even does pet portraits. She has such a bold sense of color, and watching her paint on her YouTube channel is meditative.

Audra Auclair

On an entirely different spectrum, Audra Auclair has a more fantastical approach, with highly imaginative, dreamlike visions. She is from Canada, works in a range of mediums, and exhibits throughout the year.

Ira Sluyterman van Langeweyde

What an amazing eye for detail in these whimsical yet sophisticated illustrations. I can really get lost in the intricacy.

Philip Bannister

Another artist based in the UK, Philip Bannister brings so much energy and soul into his work. He really captures the second, and the moods are so immersive.

Peter Jablokow

What a unique mood for objects we observe on a daily basis. The color combinations and light approach give these newly observed scapes feel so fresh and riveting.

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